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NMA is a cooperative platforming action game. You and your partner are trapped in an alien spacecraft, and must avoid dangerous foes as you search for an exit. Only by hacking into their mainframe console to control the environment will you survive.

We recommend playing this game with a friend in the same room. Failing that, at least use a voice chat app. Any feedback is welcome too!

Move: WASD

Open Console: E

Activate Objects: Left-Click

Zoom to Room in Console: Right-Click

Pan Console Camera: WASD


No Man Alone.app.zip 28 MB
No Man Alone - Windows.zip 57 MB


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I love games like this, gives me a chance to colab with some Youtube friends on games that arent over played.. Really good work 😀

Hi! I was wondering, what did you use to power server-based multiplayer in No Man Alone?

The interactive element definitely made the game more engaging, though we consistently came across a bug where if one person died then they became invisible until the other person died too. But it's a cute game, controls are easy and fun, and overall a really enjoyable experience!! 

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My friend and I played for a bit, the game is fun if there was some more sounds to it, levels, and some more design the game could be really good but for the short experience that it was we had fun with it and we're glad we could play =-3


Le bug du jet pack :(

Le bug du jet pack :(

It's a good game

i have not got in ;-;

Love it! YAS!

really good game 9/10 needs more maps and map creator


Please add for linux users

Deleted 170 days ago

Chech ur grammer plz


Check grammar, please.

Stop wasting this man's time, he asked for an addition to the game, leave him alone.

This was really good, hope you put more levels on.

it's amazing